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Children’s development and language can also be favored by the dayhome. In general, in kindergarten, children gain autonomy, lose their fear of separation from their parents, and interact with other children. They can build different links or interactions with their teachers and classmates.

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It is a process to develop the ability to read through motivation and playful activities carried out with children.

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It is a program that has many activities (craft) that children must carry out and mechanize before coming into contact with the writing itself (letters, syllables, words) That’s why the importance of pre-writing in the Early Childhood Education stage.

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Painting and crafting

Through painting, boys and girls discover a world full of colors, shapes, and imagination, they symbolize feelings and experiences. Painting stimulates communication, creativity, sensitivity and increases children's ability to concentrate and express themselves.

Math for Beginners

contributing to the growth of logical thinking in boys and girls, it offers experiences to solve problems. Mathematics contributes to the development of specific intellectual children’s abilities.

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Art is a language that will make the child express himself through different elements. Creativity and imagination will have an important role in this whole process


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Enjoying and Knowledge

Always with a smile and great experiences for the future. HUELLAS DEL SABER DAYHOME is the best place where kids learn, but above all they get fun.


● Indoor shoes

● Blanket & pillow

● Diapers (12 to 36 months)

● Sun - Winter hat

● Sun screen

● Spare clothes

● Mittens, snow pants

● Any medication or cream needed

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We are dedicated and committed fully with the learning of each child. We work to develop the most importants skills and abilities which surely our children will use in the near future. Those are Knowledge, Enjoying and Languages.

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